What Does Beauty MeanTo You?

I am at the gym running on the treadmill. Looking out at the many people of different shapes and sizes trying to achieve that ideal body. As I continue to run, I begin comparing myself to these crazy creatures trying to attain a body that they can be proud of. My mind is racing as I turn the speed up on the treadmill. I think to myself, (Look at that girl’s butt – it is a masterpiece of beauty. Oh wait…The arms on that chick over there, her shoulders are beautiful like a work of art.) Why is it that we constantly compare ourselves to others, and desire their beauty? Whether it be the girls in the gym…women gracing magazine covers… or even co-workers. Our desire to look like these magical creatures consumes our every thought.

We workout and diet like crazy to try and achieve a look similar to one of these women.

But wait a minute….( As I am trying to catch my breath, as I run faster and farther.)

I think to myself…What Does Beauty Mean to Me?

Beauty is so much more than physical attractiveness
Beauty is…….. strength
Beauty is…….. self-confidence
Beauty is…….. love
Beauty is…….. imperfection
Beauty    ……..comes in all shapes, sizes and colours
Beauty is…….. being True to Yourself
Beauty is…….. being the best possible version of yourself inside and out

We are all beautiful right now. Beauty is everywhere if only we have the eyes to see it. Our differences are what makes us unique individuals. Lets together change the stigma of what beauty stands for.

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