Challenge Your Negative Self Talk

Negative self talk can impair you judgement, lead to low self esteem and self sabotage. Negative self talk is your inner critic. An expression of thoughts and feelings that can damage your self confidence and self image.

There are steps you can take right now, to recognize and challenge your negative thought patterns. Start by asking yourself…. “Are things really as bad as what your inner voice is saying? Are there other ways that I can look at this situation? If I were being positive, how would I perceive this situation?”

Positive thinking aims at achieving a positive or optimistic attitude towards life. Which in turn contributes to better quality of life. This can be done by using affirmations and visualizations. People with a positive attitude manifest positive thinking, constructive thinking, creative thinking, optimism and motivation to accomplish goals. A positive approach to life can inspire you to believe in yourself, and your abilities to recognize opportunities. Challenge your negative self talk thoughts. Changing your self talk and inner dialogue to a more positive mindset can lead to peace, happiness and success. A positive attitude can also motivate you to inspire others.


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