International Women`s Day

International women`s day is celebrated on March 8th. The day was organized to honour and support women worldwide for their success and achievements. The focus is to eliminate discrimination against women and advocate equality.

Today, I received a message from a fellow fitness enthusiast. She had read my story on my blog. She communicated to me that my story was inspiring and she loved to follow motivational strong women. Her kind words got me thinking. What makes a strong women? Is it her physical, emotional or her mental strength? I believe a strong women is someone who is kind, loving, passionate and fearless. Someone who speaks the truth, is supportive and listens to others. An individual who is aware of other people`s feelings and advocates inclusion for all. A strong women knows her self-worth. She will not allow someone else`s opinion to affect her self-confidence.  Strong women admire and support other women. A strong women recognizes the significance of developing healthy habits, emotional wellness and an overall positive attitude to reach her greatest potential.

I encourage you to find your passion and your purpose. Share your life experiences with others. Together women can inspire, motivate and educate one another to be our authentic self, fearless of judgement and bias. Too often we let resentment and self doubt interfere with ensuring we are the best version of ourselves. Take action, I encourage you to set realistic goals to achieve your dreams. One step at a time.

I challenge you to reach out to a strong women and tell her why she inspires you.

Alone we are strong…together we are stronger. Walter Payton


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