The Impact of Covid-19

It has been several months since I have wrote my last blog. 2020 has certainly been a bizarre year. The Covid-19 pandemic hit the world hard in the spring. Lockdowns forced us indoors away from family and friends. We were faced with a very grim reality and many of us did not handle our new circumstances very well. Many people lost their jobs and businesses were forced to close. Life as we knew if was about to change drastically. During the initial lockdown I was fortunate to have my daughter stay with me. Having someone to go through this ordeal with was necessary and cherished. But, the lockdown took its toll on me both mentally and emotionally. With no routine, goals or end insight, I managed to relapse into old habits. I began drinking daily and made poor choices. My dependancy on alcohol was once again evident. I noticed mood swings, irritability and overall rebellious behaviour. I had gained 15 lbs since my transformation less than one year ago. I felt defeated and miserable. Which just fuelled my addiction in excess. In late August, I realized I had to make some life changes. It was time to start making my health and wellness a priority again. So I sat down and began to set some achievable goals for myself in 2020. I hired a fitness coach and committed to both a photo shoot and fitness competition. I am currently in week 12 of my 16 week fitness competition prep. I have lost 15 lbs and cultivated the strength and confidence I lost during my relapse. I completed the photo shoot and I am excited to share the photos. The bikini competition is 4 weeks from today. I am excited for that day to arrive. It is my intention to bring my best self to the stage. I am confident that the lessons I have learned during this process far out way the final outcome of the competition. The prominent lesson I have learned is that, the only person you can truly depend on when times get tough, is yourself. “Only you, can save you, from you.” The path I am on, is not the path I had planned. But, it is impacting my life, and those around me in a more positive manner. And I am ready to embrace it. I don’t doubt I will be faced with more obstacles and challenges during my life journey. I promise myself to stay positive, stay strong and tackle each hurdle with sovereignty. The second wave of Covid-19 is underway and restrictions are starting to be implemented once again. I am optimistic that I will strive to do better and be better when and if this next crisis hits. Stay tuned…..Stay safe.

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