Weekday Update

Covid-19 continues to impact our daily lives. Its going on 8 months that we have been dealing with this pandemic and its ramifications. It was announced last week that events in our communities were being postponed again, due to Covid-19 restrictions. Unfortunately, the fitness competition I had been prepping for the past 13 weeks was cancelled as well. I had mixed feelings about the cancellation of the event. Initially, I felt sad about the announcement. Then I felt a sense of relief, and then rapid anxiety. Suddenly, the goals that I set for myself were unattainable. Once again, I was faced with another obstacle of challenges. I have realized that I am a creature of habit. I live my best life when I am focused and I have set clear goals for myself and my future. I have been faced with many setbacks over the past few years. But now I realize that each of those setbacks have been learning experiences to prepare me for bigger things to come. I feel like I have a clearer understanding of my life`s purpose when I learn from the challenges that I am faced with daily. I continue to make mistakes and struggle but I am growing in ways I never thought possible. I think recognizing my changes in behaviour and cultivating a solid action plan when things become difficult. Has given me the strength to endure many challenges. Loss, grief and addiction has impacted my life tremendously. But, I refuse to give up. Because, “All We Have Is Now.”

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