Do You See….What I See….?

Its been almost 4 years since I unexpectedly lost my husband and my life spiralled out of control. When I look at the picture on the left. I see a very sad broken woman struggling to hide her grief and addiction. The woman on the right is a strong, confident, fierce individual. Optimistic about her future. She is working hard every day to overcome her struggles and dependencies. She is a fighter. A gladiator. She believes her transformation and her story will motivate, educate and inspire others. To achieve their 2021 goals. Health and fitness goals are not always about weight loss. Sometimes it’s about surviving. Believe in yourself, love yourself, show up and never give up. Those my friends are traits of a MF Gladiator. My 8 week Gladiator Strong Transformation Challenge begins January 11th and there a a few spots left reserve yours now. Instagram: @gladiator_strongfit @talenafarrell

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