The Importance of Eating Meals Regularly

Many of my clients have one goal in mind. The desire to lose weight… Fast. Most have been chronic dieters for years, with little to no success. From my experience, individuals become desperate to achieve their ideal body with fad diets and unproven programs. Quite honestly, their is no magic diet or pill that will make you lose weight. It’s simply about listening to your body and making healthier lifestyle choices.

If I had a dollar for… How many times a client has told me. “If I eat breakfast, then I am hungry constantly throughout the day.” YES!!! That is correct. That is your internal hunger signals telling you, its time to fuel your body. Most chronic dieters have lost the ability to identify this physical indicator. But, ignoring these signals will ultimately lead to uncontrolled eating or bingeing later on in the day. ” How can I possibly eat and lose weight?” Initially, you must overcome this “diet mentality?

First you have to understand that food is not the enemy. Your body needs food for energy. Simply, our bodies digest the foods we eat. Our digestive system breaks it down into small pieces. Those small pieces are digested and absorbed by the body. Food in the body, helps us get energy and also grow and repair muscles and tissue. Its gives us energy to keep our bodies healthy.

The 3 Primary Macronutrients Your Body Needs to Function.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred energy source. When you consume carbohydrates, the food is converted into sugars (glucose ) that enter the bloodstream. These sugars can be an immediate source of energy or stored for a later time.

Protein: Protein supplies the body with amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscle growth and tissue repair.

Fat: Fat provides an important role in the body. It provides a source of energy in times of starvation or caloric deprivation. Fat is essential for hormone regulation, cell structure, nutrient transport, insulation and it protects vital organs.

Essentially, your body needs to eat regularly to thrive at optimal performance. What kinds of foods you consume and how often you eat, will determine how your body functions. Therefore, it is important to point out. That the combination of foods we eat will allow us to stay satiated longer. A meal of just carbohydrates will leave an individual feeling hungry sooner. There will be a spike in blood glucose levels followed by a quick crash. Leaving one tired and weak. It is important to include both protein and complex carbohydrates at each meal. It takes about 2 hours for carbohydrates to breakdown in the body. Protein takes much longer. Therefore combining these macronutrients will slow the digestion of carbohydrates so the energy from carbohydrates can be released more gradually. Keeping us feeling energetic and satisfied before our next meal. Listening to your body in response to physical hunger will result in a gradual consumption of less food. Additionally, making healthier lifestyle choices will derive your weight loss goals.

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