Stop Caring What Others Think Of You. And Start Focusing On What You Think Of You.

Over the past few years there has been many highs and lows on my journey to becoming the best version of me. The process of changing my life has not been easy. I have let the opinions of others and my own self defeating monologue interfere with my progress. Most of us would never talk to friends or family the way we talk to ourselves. I am learning to change my internal dialogue. I am learning to switch my mindset from I am not sure I can do it, to I am going to make it happen. We limit ourselves because we don’t believe in ourselves. Never underestimate your value and experience. Let go of self doubt and negative thinking. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Make that video, share your story, take those pictures, go on that trip. Show up and never give up, on your dreams. Remember, anything that is worth while takes time. Don’t stand in your own way. Make small changes. Forgive yourself, challenge yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself. You owe it to yourself to become everything you ever dreamed of. This life is 100% your responsibility. Create your own opportunities. Work hard enough to change your perspective. Do things that bring you joy and happiness.The past is the past, learn from it. Fall in love with taking care of yourself and being the best version of you. Your opinion of you, is more important than anyone else`s opinion of you. Choose you! Live life on your terms and enjoy every moment of your journey.

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