Talena Farrell


It is my intention to share my passion for fitness and communicate the significance of a balanced lifestyle by creating both a motivating and empowering training environment for my clients. Regular exercise that is both challenging and enjoyable is one aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Compliance, execution and patience is vital for success.

Mission Statement

I am dedicated to encourage others to get healthy and achieve their individual goals.



It is my personal belief that there is an irrefutable scientific approach to fitness training.
Each client is a unique individual and their program must be customized to fit their specific needs and goals.
It is my desire to facilitate expert guidance, support, knowledge and encouragement to each of my clients. It is my responsibility to recognize limitations and possibilities of each individual.
I am committed to providing a safe, inspiring, fun, creative, positive environment for all of my clients.
As an Elite Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, I am dedicated to providing exceptional services.
I will continue my education and maintain superior credential standards.
I respect the significance of a strong partnership with other skilled healthcare professionals, to maximize your overall training experience.
Support and guidance is the foundation of a balanced lifestyle.

My Education and Certifications

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer Certification
BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer Certification

INFOFIT Personal Training Program Certification
INFOFIT Apprenticeship Program Certificate
Douglas College Nutrition Knowledge Certificate
CHI Principals of Sport Nutrition Certification
First Aid/CPR & AED Certification    

 Fitness Model   Motivational Speaker  Lifestyle Coach   Bikini Competitor

By investing your time with a personal trainer your workouts are guaranteed to be safe, effective and time efficient. Your trainer will assist you in achieving your health, fitness and/or performance objectives.

You can read my personal story of grief, loss, addiction and transformation. In my new book “Do you ever wonder, how different your life would be, if that one thing never happened?” Coming Soon