Talena was able to motivate me the way no trainer had done before. Her knowledge of how the body works and to train safely has helped me beyond words on my fitness journey.

Jason M.

Talena is a very caring and attentive trainer. She encourages and motivates me to do better yet knows my limitations. She easily adapts my program to fit my individual needs.

Tracy D.

I have been working with Talena for about 3 months now. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Talena is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She makes each workout challenging, creative and fun.

Dianne S.

Talena challenges me every time we workout together. She manages to motivate me even when I`m giving her the” you want me to do what?!” look. Talena never loses patiences with me…she knows how to adjust her teaching approach so I understand proper form for my exercises.

Nicole D.

Talena brings both knowledge and creativity to each of our workouts. My workouts are always fun, challenging, different and effective. Somehow she comes up with exercises that combine strength training, balance and cardio all at the same time.

Richard M.

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend Gladiator Strong Lifestyle Services for all your health and fitness goals. Talena personalized my workout plans to accommodate a knee injury. Her passion for fitness and support helped me to lose 15 lbs. I am much happier and confident with my training and health goals.

Mary J.

I needed to kickstart a health lifestyle and I signed up for the 12 week program. I had certain goals in mind with dietary requirements, and Talena was able to incorporate that into my workout and nutrition plan tailored to me. It was challenging but doable and it made me realize I am able to commit to a workout routine and that I can lead a healthy lifestyle. The weekly calls with Talena were important, more important that I realized. Simply having someone to “report” into kept me motivated and on track. Talena also offered something more; the encouragement to do better when I faltered, recognition when I did well, and made adjustments to my workouts based on my feedback. I lost 17 lbs. I learned how to take care of myself. And most importantly felt great about myself. I will definitely be returning to Gladiator Strong Fit for guidance and reinforcement as I continue my healthy lifestyle journey.

Glen T.