An Afternoon of Reflexion on the River

It`s approaching 3 years since I experienced the tragic loss of my husband of 25 years. I am still struggling to find my passion and my purpose. Having a career, being a mom and a wife was very fulfilling. But trying to fill that void is more challenging than one might think. I devoted so much of my time to my job and my family. There was no time to identify what I really wanted out of life, outside of my job and family. When my world came crashing down all I could think of was, what do I do now? I was so afraid of my future. I have learned over the past few years I don’t need to be afraid anymore. What I need to do is shift my thinking. I have to refocus my mindset to recognize the endless opportunities that lie ahead. I literally can do what I want, when I want to do it. With nothing, and no one standing in my way.  What a liberating feeling. When your future is planned and then it is taken away in an instant. It is sometimes difficult to come to terms with your new reality. I have experienced so many things in the past 3 years, that I would not have had the opportunity to participate in given my prior relationship circumstances. I am grateful for my new found freedom. My life would be very different if tragedy did not strike my family that fateful day. But, looking back now I can’t say it would be better for me as an individual. Although, this has been a long journey I feel I am getting stronger everyday. I am learning that it is crucial to believe in yourself. If you are struggling with situations, circumstances or others. You have the power to change the outcome. Everyday is a new day to wake up and participate in your life and all it has to offer. I am embracing my new life. And I am optimistic about my future. There will be some days that are harder than others. But, if you stand tall, smile and be your authentic self. You will find the strength within you to overcome any situation life throws at you.

Always remember you are the champion of your own story. Don’t let anyone else rewrite the ending.

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